Supplements I Take for Acne

Hey, guys! Kali here sharing with you which supplements I take to help with my acne! A lot of you have been specifically requesting for this video and I’m so excited to share these with you!

💕 Products Mentioned:
✔ Nature’s Way Alive! Multi-Vitamins
✔ PB 8 Digestive Support
✔ Inner Eco Pro Biotic
✔ Zenwise Digestive Enzyme
✔ Natures Way Vitamin C
✔ Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
✔ Amazing Grass Green Superfood
✔ Plus CBD Oil


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7 thoughts on “Supplements I Take for Acne”

  1. I think gut health has a lot to do with skin health. I take collagen, vitamin C, evening primrose oil and flaxseeds etc but I need to see a GI doctor. Also the collagen has thickened my hair soooooo much, YASSS !

  2. Actually going to the bathroom after every full meal is normal. My dad has a stomach condition and thought going once a day was normal. No! He had to have some of his intestines removed after an infection, he almost died. The doctor told him most people don't take in enough fiber, because after every meal you're supposed to go. I have to take probiotics or I won't go normally, but like maybe 2-3 times a week.

  3. ive started taking vitamins for about the last 4 months and they have helped reduce oil production and increase hair growth as well. i take Vitamin A and Zinc daily. Vitamin D and multivitamins help too but A and Zinc has helped me the most

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