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Wondering what a yoga wheel is for, and how do you use a yoga wheel? Watch this video to learn some of the ways you can use the ProSource Yoga Wheel to stretch, strengthen, and challenge your core and balance.

The ProSource Yoga Wheel is an exciting and fun new prop for yoga that is great for improving your practice, learning challenging poses, and stretching.

It’s a great prop for improving flexibility, learning new yoga poses, and making your yoga practice more fun!

It also helps open up tight back, chest, hips and shoulders to relieve back and neck pain and reverse the effects of sitting at a desk all day.

Exercises to try: plow pose, headstands, backbends, staff pose, lunge, crescent pose, splits

Visit our site to buy the yoga wheel available in 3 colors and download a user guide to go with this video:

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Exercise guide created & designed by Holly Pinkham, Owner of Renewal Fitness Coaching. Find her at and on YouTube at HollyPinkhamLA


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  1. hi, thanks for the video, it really help. How wide is your wheel, I struggle to position my both feet/ankles on it to do the blank, I'm wondering if mine isn't too narrow?

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