How I stopped binge & emotional eating FOR GOOD: 3 steps I used!
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23 thoughts on “How I stopped BINGE EATING…FOR GOOD! PROVEN 3 STEP PROCESS”

  1. I eat too much/make worse choices when I'm tired 🙂 I live in a super small town so very rarely around fast food but I love taco bell because it's vegan. My problems are like, I bought a bunch of vegan ramen chili flavored noodles 🙂 so i try to make it rare and add vegan egg and not buy anymore. I also love too much flour tortillas, tortilla chips. Vegan mayo! I quit buying it and looked up a recipe for homemade vegan oil free mayo. Quit cooking with olive oil just water and veggie broth. Also my kids are triggered because I eat their leftovers like vegan mac and cheese, sphagetti, all the veggie meats 😀 I feel I'm on the up and up but at times it's been darker and I def feel you:D

  2. If you're having trouble with binge eating, you need to change your dominant thoughts. Subliminals with change your life by reprogramming your subconscious with new positive thoughts! Check out my new subliminal video. Listen on repeat at night and watch your world change! <3

  3. I LOVE this video.

    Seriously, I weigh in on Monday for a weight loss challenge, and on Friday my coworkers were telling me to just not eat for 3 days…. I can’t do that! It’s exactly like you said: if I restrict myself that much, my animal instincts suddenly kick in, I go get food and just BINGE. I do NOT want that to happen, so I am doing this weight loss competition my way, even if I don’t win. I’m doing what is working for me. I finally found foods that are super healthy AND that I love. I eat when I get cravings, and I found foods I can eat a lot of when I feel like I’m suuuper hungry.

    Thanks for posting this!

  4. I started binge eating when I was in 7th grade in 2007. Its been so hard to stop. I did pretty good this year as a new years resolution but by day 30 it all went down hill. I'm determined to get through this!

  5. I did not know what i was going through was actually a problem until i saw this video i dont like over eating i sometimes would eat just 1 cereal or coffe with bread or cookies and would not eat nothing buy frut through the day because i think if i eat more ill get fat

  6. Ive been a follower since that fuck boy video. I loved seeing you grow! i also commented on how I didnt like how you said "What it do" in the beginning of your videos, and you stopped saying it, but they you started again, and Im sure it was because you were like "f*ck that bitch" hahah still love you.

  7. Jordan.. thank you. ❤️ this really spoke to me. I have been struggling with binge eating for YEARS. It's gotten to the point where I hate my body so much that I don't want to leave the house. This really makes me want to make a change. Not only for myself but for my little family. ❤️

  8. This is absolutely one of my favorite videos of yours to date! I struggle with binge eating and am trying to tackle it once and for all and this video totally helped.

  9. Thank you so so much for sharing your story!! I know this is so personal and not easy to talk about. So thank you. Once on Snapchat you mentioned a book you read that helped you control your food portions and stop from binge eating — what is that book??

  10. Jordan I have a weird question for you.
    Do you practise or do you write a script, or do you rehearse before filming a video? I don't know, you're so fluent and capable of expressing things in such a clear way! And I'm not even a English first language speaker!
    Well, I just want to say that if you don't and if you just sit in front of the camera and talk, you are very talented. And I love how you use your talent to speak to, inspire and help people through YouTube. You're just such an amazing speaker, it seems your true calling. Well done Jordan! Ily so much!

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