Fibrenza – 14 powerful systemic enzymes

Enzymes are required for all living functions, including eating, breathing, and sleeping. The body produces its own enzymes to support these functions. As we age, the bodies’ ability to produce sufficient levels of enzymes to maintain optimal health significantly decreases. Insufficient levels of enzymes may lead to excess fibrin buildup, impurities in the cardiovascular system, systemic inflammation, fatigue, and other symptoms of chronic illness.

Fibrenza is an advanced blend of 14 powerful systemic enzymes that are specifically formulated to supplement the bodies’ ability to dissolve fibrin, cleanse the blood, detoxify the body, and maintain a healthy inflammation response. These functions are the cornerstones of many anti-aging regimens.

Fibrenza has been formulated to provide maximum body-wide benefit. This means only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade enzymes are utilized.

Abzorb cleanses the lining of the small intestine where nutrient absorption occurs. Hair-like fibers (called microvilli) on the wall of the small intestine are responsible for trapping nutrients for absorption through the intestinal wall and into the blood stream. Over time, due to poor diet and other environmental factors, these fibers become covered with a sludge that may include yeast, bile, food debris and parasites. Abzorb works to cleanse the lining of the small intestine of these absorption hindrances and prevent future accumulation.

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5 thoughts on “Fibrenza – 14 powerful systemic enzymes”

  1. Very informative and helpful regardless of actual product (I know nothing of). The dots are slowly starting to join up, still a couple of things missing like maintaining "pre biotic" environment and P.H levels checking altering and maintaining (if relevant). I'm getting there though.
    I'm researching for a few friends suffering from Fibromyalgia.
    Sad thing is F/M is still regarded as a non curable irreversible condition when I can see that it's not.
    There seems to be a race on between the Pharmaceutical Industry discovering something that alleviates symptoms and sells and people like myself who believe many conditions can be reversed. Absorption/optimisation is fundamental in everything and usually missed out or compensated with overdosing unnecessarily for reasons of profit. I look at things differently now, I see obesity as a reaction to malnutrition not greed or sloth. The whole supplement industry appears to deliberately leave out the fact that without the creation and maintenance of the right environment through things like "Essential" Minerals, Gut Bacteria and a few others I've not remembered, you may as well be throwing your time, intentions and money down the drain. If a well meaning Painter and Decorator from South London like me can see the gaps surely others can as well. Keep up the good work and thanks again for your informative and honest post, I promise to check out the product. Kind Regards Mark

  2. I have used them and love them. However…. I prefer gelatin capsules as opposed to cellulose. And the rice bran and rice powder is extraneous ingredients and are not needed. HCP Formulas could offer them in gelatin caps and take out the rice stuff. Other than those things, they are great.

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