A Little-Known Mistake That Stops You Getting Ripped: High Reps vs Low Reps – Vegan Bodybuilding –

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High Reps vs Low Reps for Vegan Bodybuilding – Stop making this vegan bodybuilding mistake today — Michael Roberts shows you how to easily avoid a critical vegan bodybuilding mistake that stops you getting shredded and ruins your vegan bodybuilding gains. Subscribe to my Channel PlantPowered 6Packs http://bit.ly/2fUzkTk

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High reps vs low reps: Vegan Bodybuilding – A little known mistake that stops you getting ripped and ruins your vegan bodybuilding gains

In this Vegan Bodybuilding tutorial, I debunk one of the most common mistakes that inexperienced vegan bodybuilders make when trying to cut and bring out their vegan 6 pack. It is the high reps vs low reps mistake. The high reps vs low reps mistake will ruin your vegan bodybuilding transformation, and waste all your vegan muscle. If you want to know how to get ripped, how to get shredded, how to build vegan muscle, or how to get a 6 pack, this vegan bodybuilding tutorial is a must watch

The Mistake is Doing high reps for definition, and it’s one that you will hear everywhere; “do 15 reps to get defined”, “up the reps for definition”. It’s BS.
Your muscles either get bigger or they don’t. They DO NOT get more defined by lowering the resistance and upping the number of reps you perform per set. Definition comes down to one thing – the amount of fat covering the muscle. To have a defined body and a six pack requires having low levels of bodyfat. Contest bodybuilders and famished individuals are prime examples of defined individuals. They haven’t changed the way they train, they just don’t have any fat on them.
When you want to get cut and get a vegan 6 pack, the only thing that changes is your vegan bodybuilding diet and vegan bodybuilding meal plan. Your vegan bodybuilding training must stay the same. Decrease the quantities of vegan bodybuilding nutrition but keep your vegan bodybuilding workout plan the same
If you are on a vegan cutting diet, and you start doing high reps for definition, you will lose your vegan muscle.
The high reps vs low reps mistake is one that catches so many people out. High reps do not make you defined. High reps for strength is incorrect.

Takeaway: To lose fat and thus be defined, eat fewer calories in your vegan bodybuilding diet than your body burns, whilst continuing to train as normal.

When you’re looking for advice on how to get a 6 pack, how to get shredded, or how to get ripped, following the right bodybuilding guide is essential. Most bodybuilding tutorials and bodybuilding guides are not based on evidence. Most of them are designed to sell you supplements and other products that you don’t need. Plant powered 6 packs on the other hand will show everything, from how to build a successful vegan bodybuilding diet, to how to train for a 6 pack, in simple, bodybuilding tutorials. As the online Vegan personal trainer, it’s my job to help you avoid training mistakes, It’s my mission to help you get the most out of your vegan calisthenics, vegan bodybuilding, vegan training, your plant based diet. In this video, the tip I have shared is essential if you want to know how to build vegan muscle, how to get shredded, how to get a 6 pack, and how to get defined arms

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High reps vs low reps – A little known mistake that stops you getting ripped – Vegan Bodybuilding


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